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Video Branding

Whether you are building a new brand or revitalizing an established one, the help of talented video designers and engineers is indispensable. Color, logo design, and consistency across various mediums are just a few of the elements that go into the successful branding of your business.

Design Branding

A brand is really a constellation of positive associations—associations triggered by images, colors, shapes, phrases, objects, and even smells (think of cologne, or popcorn)!

Motion Graphics

Combine color, shapes, and design with the ability to move and transform, and you get motion graphics. Well-conceived motion graphics are almost like a new language, and they can engage your audience in exciting and yet subtle ways.

Print Media

Every brochure, every business card, and every sale sheet represents an opportunity. That’s why your upfront investment in design is so critical to success. In a world of fleeting digital content, the materiality of print still has its place, but more than ever it needs to capture the attention of the target audience. It’s a paper trail that leads to success.


Cable has been a game changer for businesses wanting to use television to get their message out. It’s easier than ever to target local audiences and purchase time slots that are appropriate for the demographic you want to reach, which means that television advertising is both more affordable and effective than ever before.

Vehicle Wraps

Turning company vehicles into 3-D rolling billboards is a time-tested way of marketing your business, but catching and holding your market’s attention in this competitive space requires some thought. Nowhere is the “art of the double take” more essential, and to get the most out of your investment you need a designer who really understands the rules of the road.


Everyone knows that referral is the best form of advertising. Unlike text, a video will convey the emotional connection your clients have with your company, and statistics show that visitors to your web site are much more likely to absorb a message through video than through than through print.

Large Displays

History walls, donor recognition pieces, and other large displays are all hot trends in corporate and organizational branding, but these aren’t projects to be embarked upon lightly. An effective history wall will take up a large amount of real estate in your office, showroom, or foundation headquarters, and the effect needs to be harmonious with the other elements of your décor.


Do you have an extended story to tell about a subject close to your heart? Our network of film professionals stands ready to help you realize your vision. Our crews can travel anywhere in the world, and we can assist with everything from scripting to project coordination.

Digital Media

Branding should continue throughout all your digital efforts – from your website to digital ads to social media. The online viewing statistics of our digital age will only continue to grow. Be consistent, stand out, and make that impression in the ever-important first five seconds.