Why Film and Photography Look Better on a Cyclorama

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by Brian Oster

It goes by many names and depends on your industry, but it is always better to film video – and often shoot corporate photography – on a CYC, cyclorama, white sweep, or infinity wall.

man jumping on whitesweep

First off, a CYC (pronounced C-Y-C or “psych”) is a curved wall used as a background of a set or studio, but it is not just curved where the walls come together.  It curves smoothly at the bottom to meet the studio floor. When lit properly, the corner-less joint provides the illusion of a studio floor that continues to infinity. With a seamless background the sharp angles are gone and thus so are the hard shadows and dark corners.

In still photography, the greatest advantage of taking photos on a CYC is the ability to make your background virtually disappear. So whatever you are photographing, whether people or products, takes center stage. In video, cycloramas can be used to generate all sorts of backdrops and possibilities in post-production. More importantly, the curved wall allows you and your subject to have multiple camera angles filmed at once and the flexibility to move around while still staying within the infinity background.

Creative projects on a cyclorama are now only limited by your imagination and the talent working on the finished product. Imagine, create, grow.


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