Different Types of B2C (Business to Consumer) Videos

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by Brian Oster

As mentioned in the B2B video post, if promoting your business using video is not already part of your marketing plan, change it. Video is here to stay – in the culture, in social networks, and in business.

See for yourself if interested.

But let me ease your stress and remove the fear of the unknown when creating consumer videos for your business.



In this blog series regarding business videos, we are answering the questions, “What can video do for my business?” and “What types of business videos are right for my company?”  This specific blog focuses on videos that can be best used for business to consumer (B2C) marketing.

Business to Consumer Marketing Videos

  • How To’s – One of the most popular types of video on the Internet are ones that simply demonstrate how to do something.  Popularity doesn’t always mean they are well produced or that they are what your business ultimately needs, but give this new trend some consideration.
  • Post-Sales Support and Maintenance – Here is another new and growing category that in the long-term will not just gain you likes, but potentially save your business money.  If your video needs assembly, regular maintenance or requires any type of explaining to help the client understand it, why not create a video to fulfill this need.  Call center seats and irate customers could both be minimized.
  • Donation Appeal – For start-ups and non-profits alike, video is an excellent resource for fundraising.  Kickstarter, a popular funding platform, claims that “5.5 million people have pledged $946 million, funding 55,000 creative projects” since their inception only four years ago.  Don’t be afraid to go after a piece of that pie.
  • Event Videos – Invite consumers to your next big event or show them what they missed!
  • Recruiting – The younger generation would rather watch a 3 minute video about your company then read 1,000 words across several web pages.  Tell prospective employees and those walking career fairs about your organization via video.
  • In-Store Videos – Reach consumers in the shopping aisle with in-store videos that tell them something they didn’t already know.
  • New Product Launches – Get them excited and sharing your new product.
  • Product Testimonials – Ask your best customers to tell their story and win more in the process.
  • Lobby or Waiting Room Videos
  • Commercials
  • Team Biographies
  • Facility/Office/Store Tours
  • Video Blog (Vlog)
  • Person-in-the-street Interviews
  • Product Demos
  • Promotional Videos – Again, these are safe videos for a business or organization, but let me caution you that unless these serve a specific purpose, viewership will likely be very low.

Each type of business video is meant to serve a purpose. Consider what your customers are asking for, why they call your office or even how to reach new customers where they shop.  Then start browsing the Internet and brainstorm the best video for your business.

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