Crafting the Video Tagline: How to Stay in Your Target Market’s Mind

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Everybody has suffered with an “earworm,” that song, or part of a song that you just can’t get out of your head.  When I hear the song “America” from West Side Story, I know I’m in for a couple of days of Rita Moreno dancing through my ear canal, and while it’s fun at first, after a few hours I just want it to stop.  Why did I even go there?! …It’s already started…

Anyway, while you might not want to inflict this kind of pain on your target market, you do need something in your commercial that lingers in the viewer’s head after they’ve seen and heard your story.  In a video, the tagline really consists of two parts: a word or phrase (it could be spoken or sung) coupled with an image, which may be a still, a graphic, or video.  Great commercial production combines these two elements effectively, so that whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.

Here are a few examples of great taglines in some current commercials:

The only thing left to fear is your imagination (Nissan):

Be part of the pride (Kishwaukee Community College): 

All of these taglines have two things in common.  First, they are easy to recall.  Short and memorable.  Second, they are all motivated by the narrative that precedes them.  They aren’t “tagged” on all, but are rather part of the story that has just been told.  That’s good branding, and while it takes a little thought and good editing, crafting a good tagline and incorporating it into the story you want to tell is essential to effective video marketing.

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